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Outsourced Product Development

Outsourced Product Development

Outsourced product development is an increasing trend due to the transitory nature of markets, customer expectations and technologies. Today?s product companies are more customer-facing and focused on improving customer satisfaction with better support and a wider range of innovative services.

Outsourced product development under any circumstances is full of pitfalls. Moving it to an offshore development center can exacerbate management and other common problems. More and more enterprises, however, are in the process of, or considering moving product development offshore. This is partly because it makes economic sense and partly because of the growing industry trust in offshore development centers in countries such as India.

Our product development division focuses on developing and deploying intellectual property in the form of solution frameworks on various technologies such as J2EE, .NET, SOA/Web Services and RFID. Our off-shore / near-shore development centers and resources in India offer round-the-clock product development services. Our near shore development centers ensure you always have hands-on technical support standing by. ProBys offers development services that can be utilized throughout all phases of product development, ranging from conception, implementation and deployment to maintenance. Our services fall in three categories:

  • Product sale: ProBys provides specific components built on industry standards as standalone products with plug-and-play functionality for a fixed, one-time fee
  • Customization of intellectual property portfolio: ProBys extends a custom services agreement for integration of our standards-based IP in the form of components and tools with our client?s solutions and products
  • Custom product development: The ProBys core team has more than 200 man years of product development experience in high-end technology areas such as J2EE/Web Services and close to a decade?s experience developing products on traditional platform/technologies. This makes us the ideal choice for outsourced product development

The ProBys Advantage

  • Strict adherence to best practices of software development, deployment and management focusing on rigorous system specification and detailed project planning
  • Meticulous division of work, roles and responsibilities between the client, onsite, near-shore and offshore teams, which ensures work clarity, high productivity and efficient response
  • IT infrastructure supported by a broadband Internet backbone to ensure high visibility and transparency of offshore activities
  • Use of in-house tool (VTEAM) for effective and frequent communication regarding project status, work issues, resource allocation and technology developments via e-mail, conference calls, weekly updates and regular reporting procedures