Technology Solutions

Legacy and Mid-Range Solutions

Legacy and Mid-Range Solutions

PROBYS provides legacy and mid-range technical and programming expertise to clients who need to maintain application systems that may be critical for the business to operate functionally. These legacy systems include IBM mainframe with a variety of operating systems including MVS, VSE, AIX and VMS. Mid-range specialty includes DEC ? VAX and AS 400 ? OS-400. PROBYS has expertise to support any Legacy and Mid-range maintenance or development projects across:

  • Strategic planning
  • Software design and construction
  • Project Management
  • Software configuration management
  • Mid-range ERP implementation
  • Capacity planning and Performance tuning

Software quality management is our hallmark and we have identified five elements of the AS/400 software quality management process:

  • People
  • In-process product quality management
  • Continuous process improvement
  • Post-release product quality management
  • Customer satisfaction management

Some of our success stories include:

  • Authoring an award winning change management product called ?Implementer' to manage changes to ERP modules on iseries
  • Development of Integrated Accounting and manufacturing system (PACMAN) for National Panasonic at all their facilities across Asia and Australia
  • Development of Integrated manufacturing and Process control systems for steel processors across America