Legacy and Mid-Range

Technical and Programming Expertise to
Maintain Mission-Critical Applications

ProBys provides legacy and mid-range technical and programming expertise to clients who need to maintain application systems that may be critical for the business to operate functionally. These legacy systems include IBM mainframe with a variety of operating systems including MVS, VSE, AIX and VMS. Mid-range specialty includes DEC-VAX and AS 400 / OS-400.

Application Development and Maintenance

ProBys has Expertise to Support any Legacy and Mid-range Maintenance
or Development Projects Across
Software Design and Construction
Software Configuration Management
Mid-range ERP Implementation
Capacity Planning and Performance Tuning

Quality Management Process

Software Quality Management is Our Hallmark and We have Identified Five Elements of The AS/400 Software Quality Management Process
In-process Product Quality Management
Continuous Process Improvement
Post-release Product Quality Management
Customer Satisfaction Management

Our Success Stories

Some of our success stories include:
Authoring an Award Winning Change Management Product Called Implementer’ to Manage Changes to ERP Modules on Iseries
Development of Integrated Accounting and Manufacturing System (PACMAN) for National Panasonic at All Their Facilities Across Asia and Australia
Development of Integrated Manufacturing and Process Control Systems for Steel Processors Across America

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